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Letter from Max Abrams to Dad!    More letters here

Letter from agent requesting Home Office Licence as I was only 15 years old

Denvers Single 1964  ‘Poison Ivy’

Denvers EP 1964

Tito's Nightclub, Stockton on Tees 1969 (Ludwig kit still going strong)

Club Fiesta, Norton 1972 playing for Nancy Wilson - USA Rodgers drums 22x14, 13x9, 16x16, (14x5 Ludwig 400)

Springfield Revival American tour supporting the Osmond Brothers 1973

Drum Clinic For Contemporary Drummers Society, Brighton 1978

Tama Drum Clinic in Halifax, playing on half of Simon Philips Kit.

Melody Maker Ad for Tama Drums 1977

All Star Rock Band - Olympia, London 1979

Jack Bruce bass - Jon Anderson vocals & keyboards - Alan Holdsworth guitar

Adrian Tilbrook drums - Brian Chatton keyboards

With Bill Ludwig Jnr London 1979 at the start of a drum clinic tour for Ludwig Drums

Playing first Ludwig clinic (with Bill Ludwig Jnr in the audience) On Bill Ludwig's personal Tivoli Vistalite Kit.

Launch of VOX guitars at the Ritz Hotel in London. L to R  Les Davidson, Brian Blain (Musicians Union), Colin Hodgkinson, Jim Mullen, Adrian Tilbrook

Musicians Union Rock Workshop Press release

Activate’ Back Door

Contract from 1964 $1250 per month (for the whole band)

The Denvers Fontainebleau, France 1963 - Sonor drums

With The Everly Brothers - Paris France 1963

Chinon, France 1964 - Ludwig Super Classic (22x14, 13x9, 16x16 & 14x5 Ludwig 400)

Polydor Recording Studio's Paris, France 1964

Back cover of ‘Liverpool Party’ - with an interesting group advertising their EP

Liverpool Party - recorded in Paris 1964 - featuring strange hair and winkle pickers

*Inset Palladium programme and pic here*

* insert pic of Osmonds onstage in Atlanta*

Back Door headlining at Ronnie Scott’s  Club 1974

Back Door with Dick Morrissey - sitting in at Ronnie Scott’s Club 1974

Keeping illustrious company at Ronnie Scotts

More illustrious company - Back Door with John McLaughlin. John was going to produce the album ‘Activate’ but eventually the album was produced by Carl Palmer.

Production meeting in Oxford with Carl Palmer during the recording of ‘Activate’   L to R Adrian Tilbrook, Ron Aspery, Carl Palmer, Colin Hodgkinson.  Nice hair and high heel shoes Adrian.

Press release for Arbiter Auto.Tune Drums picture taken at Ronnie Scott’s

Melody Maker Ad for Auto.Tune Drums

Page from Paiste Cymbal Company Profile Book

W.H.T.V.  Album

A page from the ‘Premier’ Drum Company magazine

Musicians Union Rock Workshop - Adrian Tilbrook, Rob Burns

Rock Workshop contract (don't give up your day job!)

Melody Maker ad for Musicians Union Workshop

love is a swinging thing.mp3 boys.mp3 By The Way (1).mp3 nobody wana work.mp3 some other guy.mp3 sticks n' stones.mp3 Poison Ivy.mp3


Moon Mad Woman

Thru The Zig Zag Gate

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Ludwig 1964

Nancy Wilson Hurt So Bad - Your Just Too Good To Be True.mp3.wav

Hurt So Bad & Your Too Good To Be True

Media Links

‘Going Home’ by Alan Plater with Ian Carr Quintet 1990

Full Circle LP Beauty Of The Unexpected - Rick Taylor trombone, Paul Flush piano, Steve Pierce bass, Adrian Tilbrook Drums

Ronnie Scott's Club London 1985 with 'Full Circle' double bill with Gonzalo Rubalcabas & Groupo Proyecto.

Slingerland 18x14 12x8, 13x9 14x14, 14 & 8 Tama snare - with Paiste endorsement setup 24" China, 22" Dark Ride.
14" Thin crash, 17" crash, 8" Bell and 13" Sound Edge Hi Hats, Tama Timbale & 5 mounted cowbells.

It was great playing a double bill alongside a young Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez. This was before he defected to Italy and later moving to the USA where he became a drumming legend.

Playing at Bracknell International Jazz Festival with Full Circle

John Warren’s Splinter Group - left to right Chris Hibbard, Andy Champion, Graeme B Wilson, Mark Williams, Graham Hardy, Noel Dennis - Of f camera, Paul Edis (piano) Adrian Tilbrook (drums)

Guinness Who’s Who Of Jazz

Jazz The Essential Guide

ACV featuring Andy Champion bass, Graeme B Wilson saxophones, Mark Williams guitar, Paul Edis piano, Adrian Tilbrook drums

Voice Of The North Jazz Orchestra with Bob Mintzer. Sage Gateshead International Jazz Festival March 18th 2007

DW  Burgundy with Curly Maple Rally Strip 20x16, 12x8,14x14, 14x5 ½ Istanbul Cymbals

Voice Of The North Jazz Orchestra with Bob Mintzer. Sage Gateshead International Jazz Festival March 18th 2007

DW  Burgundy with Curly Maple Rally Strip 20x16, 12x8,14x14, 14x5 ½ Istanbul Cymbals

Voice Of The North with Andy Sheppard, Darlington Arts Centre December 2nd 2007 DW Champagne Glass 18x16, 10x7, 14x12, 14x5 Tom Cat snare. Istanbul Cymbals

Voice Of The North with Mark Nightingale - Gala Theatre, Durham June 11th 2006. DW Champagne Glass 18x16, 10x7, 14x12, 13x5 Craviotto Birds Eye Maple Limited Edition snare. Mix of Zildjian and Istanbul cymbals

Voice Of The North with Tim Garland Sage Gateshead International Jazz Festival 2007. DW Red Sparkle 20x16, 12x8, 14x14, 13x5 Craviotto Limited Edition Birds Eye Maple. Zildjian cymbals

SPELK Riverside Festival,Georgian Theatre Stockton on Tees Aug 2009. Pearl Vision Birch 22x18,10x9 14x14, 16x16 14x5 ½ Pearl sensitone steel snare. Istanbul Cymbals (Zildjian Mastersound 14” hi hats)

VOTN B Mintzer Time After Time.mp3 VOTN B Mintzer Gently.MP3.wav

Lost And Found



P.M. /I’ll Remember You

T For Tinks

P.M.I'll Remember You.mp3 T For Tinks.mp3 April.mp3.wav Lost And Found.mp3

American Blues artist Kirsten Thien with Mark Williams guitar Adrian Tilbrook drums and Andy Champion bass guitar (no shown).

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Cryin’ Inside from  Back Door album Activate